COST OF LIVING IN BALI - Bali, an island that holds a million of Indonesia's charm. With the uniqueness of Bali, not only tourists are attracted to it, but also many Indonesian people who wants come to Bali, whether to spend their retirement period in Bali, study in Bali, or indeed aim for work in Bali? Everything is legitimate.

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I am also one of those who are impressed with Bali and decided to move to Bali in 2015 to continue studying in Bali. With two years of experience living in the capital city of Jakarta, I was fed up with the hustle and bustle of the city and finally decided to just move to Bali. Indeed information about studying in Bali or the cost of living at that time was still quite a bit so it was quite difficult to feel around how much I had to prepare to live for a month.

Having had time to make the article above is the reason why you should study in Bali. Lots of emails and DMs on Instagram that come in asking one thing, what's the living cost in Bali? Expensive huh? ' of course the cost of living depends on the lifestyle of each individual, but if I answer so it makes it even more confused. Here I share my experience based on life experience in Bali, which has entered its fourth year with an estimated cost of living in Bali, standard for students. It could also be a reference for you who want to work or only stay temporarily in Bali. This is from the local perspective

Accomodation will certainly take up a monthly budget of at least nearly 50% of monthly expenses. For boarding houses in Bali you should know that the standard is empty, which means it's completely empty, nothing, including Wifi, is a bit of a hassle, especially for newcomers who have to buy mattresses, cabinets and more. But there are also boarding houses that provide mattresses, cabinets and study tables if you have budget to spend.

In Fact, the price for accomodation if you're an expart who lived in Europe or country with higher standard of living, you will think the accomodation here is extremely cheap. Yes, I've been living near Paris in 2013 and paid around 300 euro for a month. 

Accomodation in Bali are arguably very dependent on the area of residence you choose. For vacancies, for example, a standard boarding room usually ranges from Rp 500,000 - Rp 1,000,000. In Denpasar, you can still find boarding houses with a price of Rp. 500,000, but in the Udayana campus area, for example, usually empty boarding houses are mostly at Rp. 650,000 - Rp. 850,000, but of course it's different for boarding houses in Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, which are usually more expensive, can range from Rp. 1,000 .000 - Rp. 1,200,000 for vacancies.

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For exclusive boarding prices that are complete, including AC, TV, Refrigerator and Wifi, it is usually around Rp 1,500,000 - Rp 3,500,000. But if you're looking for a villa wih 2 bedrooms, it usually cost around Rp 6,000,000 - Rp 15,000,000 / month. All you have to know is that almost all boarding houses in Bali have a private kitchen in each room, of course, this is a plus for frugality. For boarding houses, I take the example of my boarding house in the Nusa Dua area. You could say it's quite fortunate to get boarding at a price of Rp. 1,000,000, which already has a mattress, table, cupboard, kitchen, bathroom inside and air conditioning. For electricity, the boarding house in Bali usually uses electricity pulses in each room. Usually my monthly electricity fee is IDR 100,000 with all kinds of furniture in the room like a fridge so monthly I pay IDR 1,100,000 for a place to stay.

The best transportation for Bali is motorbike. Riding on a motorbike is very effective in Bali considering nowadays where it has started to jam in Bali. Motorcycle riders in Bali are indeed special, there are only toll roads specifically for motorcycles. What can't ride a motorcycle? It's delicious now that it's the time of online taxis and motorcycle taxis, of course, it's easy, in 2015 when I first came to Bali, after a few months of using Gojek (like a motorbike taxi).

Inevitably I finally ventured to bring a motorcycle that I had never brought a motorcycle before. Bali is very broad, if I rely on my motorcycle it seems impossible especially if you like to travel far. Having a motorcycle alone will greatly reduce the budget so far the cost of gasoline that I spend is usually only Rp. 30,000 / week = Rp. 120,000 (10 usd) / month assuming 5 days of study and 2 days of traveling.

Maybe for those who have vacation to Bali, especially to the Seminyak area and its surroundings, you definitely think that eating in Bali is expensive too, one meal can be around Rp 100,000 , of course if you eat in a cafe in Seminyak automatically the price is reasonable for that.

For example, I usually shopping for my weekly needs for Rp. 150,000 it is enough for cooking ingredients a week or even more than enough for 2 weeks. But it is not possible to cook every day, there must be a desire to eat in Seminyak cafe cafes for example once a time.

During this time the estimated budget for eating as a student I was Rp 700,000 - Rp 1,000,000 depending on the cooking mood, the more eating out, of course the more expensive. For local Balinese food, it's quite cheap, just like in Jogja, with examples of jinggo rice here for Rp. 5,000, tipat and salad for Rp. 7,000.

in my opinion living with a 2.3 million budget is already living well compared to 2015 when living in Jakarta at least I spent a monthly fee of Rp 3,500,000 this is for student in Bali based on my experience. 

When compared with friends from Bali who are also boarding or fellow students here, there are actually many who spend less than 2 million, can you believe it less than 200 usd.

Hopefully it is useful information the cost of living in Bali, once again depending on your lifestyle

Helga Christ Currently living in Bali


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